About Us


Welcome to Cognitive Things

Have you had an idea and wondered where you should start? Does it make sense when you think about it? Do you struggle to contextualize it?

This is how Cognitive Things as an entity was born. We are all dreamers and together we develop IoT solutions that enhance the productivity of Assets. The Cognitive Things team comprises of a team of professionals in Project Management, Business & Data Analysts, Developers and GIS Specialists.

As a team, we deem customer centricity as important when developing the best IoT solutions for our clients’ needs. We strive to tackle organization-wide issues such as minimizing the effects of unplanned equipment downtime on output and cutting time and costs of physical asset auditing to a fraction of that taken with manual techniques. We also assist in making employees more productive through making day-to-day workspaces more efficient.

We pride ourselves by going the extra mile in satisfying our clients through developing our own IoT solutions mixed with industry best practices and leverage from our international partners.

At Cognitive Things we provide a comprehensive, holistic and structured approach to the long-term management of assets, expensive tools, equipment and property, inclusive of all facilities in an organization’s portfolio.

Our Vision

We seek to transform how organizations perform, by developing automated and digitized business processes based on appropriate data, analytics, AI and IoT solutions. Our business processes are supported by technology solutions that employ best practices bringing about efficiency and delivery in key performance areas.

What We Offer

At Cognitive Things we understand that the goal of IoT (Internet of Things) in simple terms is to provide connectivity to everyday “things”(objects) to the Internet. And by this, we found a niche in building solutions that allow for assets automation and digitizations.